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Broadband / ADSL fault-finding services

Broadband fault finding

Broadband problems

Have you ever had a problem with your broadband service (also referred to as ADSL1 or ADSL broadband)? If so, you've probably also spent a long time on the phone to a call centre and been asked to do some or all of the following:

  • Unplug all other devices from all telephone sockets.
  • Try using different ADSL filters (also referred to as ADSL splitters).
  • Unscrew the face plate from the main phone socket and plug your broadband router or broadband modem lead directly into the service socket.
  • Try replacing all the cables used to connect your computer or network to the telephone socket, broadband router, network switch etc.

All these activities can be inconvenient, time-consuming and confusing. Also, after completing them you may well still have a fault with your broadband service.

Often a call centre technician will carry out a broadband line test and inform you that there is no fault, although there is clearly a problem.

If your service provider can't identify the fault they may advise you that an engineer will need to be called out. Such call-outs generally cost over £100 for home installations and over £200 for business installations. Some or all charges should be waived if a fault is found in the service provider's systems or infrastructure. However, there is a risk that the issue may be with your own equipment, or that the service provider may blame another company; since de-regulation a broadband connection may be dependent on three different companies: BT, the telephone company (also referred to as the local loop unbundler) and the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Broadband fault finding

Hi-Peak Internet provide an ADSL fault finding service for business broadband and home broadband customers in the High Peak and surrounding region of the UK, including most of Derbyshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

An engineer will carry out comprehensive testing of the broadband line from the customer end and produce a report which, in the event that a fault is identified, can be e-mailed directly to the service provider. Testing of the broadband line and production of the report normally takes less than ten minutes.

If we find faults in the general broadband connectivity for your area our report can often help the service provider identify specific issues, resulting in more rapid improvements to broadband speed and / or reliability.

If our engineer identifies a fault with your own cabling and / or equipment we can provide a repair or replacement equipment at competitive rates.

Our standard broadband ADSL fault diagnosis costs just £50 + VAT, including call-out charge, line testing and report production. Often, the cost of our engineer's visit and test, plus repair or replacement of your faulty equipment, can cost less than a call-out from your service provider.

Let Hi-Peak Internet take the frustration out of broadband fault finding and carry out a fast, pain-free and cost-effective broadband repair.

1ADSL = Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line